Mission Statement

About the name Mondielle: 

This website’s name is combination of the words mondiale (worldly) and the feminine suffix –elle. 

What is this website?

This is my online portfolio. It’s a convenient way to share my work.

Why do I make art?

I make art to celebrate the world’s beauty, contemplate its mystery, and mourn its injustices. It’s a way to channel inspiration and energy.

I try to imbue even scientific/technical illustration with that energy. Eyes!

I grew up amazed with the natural world, evident in the copious amounts of rocks, feathers, and various interesting natural objects I’d collect throughout childhood. I’ve always had an inexplicable need to learn how to accurately depict animals and people through drawing and painting. Since beginning my studies at Cornell, I’ve gained professional experience in science illustration, and I look forward to pursuing a career in science communication using art and writing as a medium for education.